The Commercial Web Services Story

It is one of innovation and dedication. A need was realized in 2006 when, our parent company, Dominion Enterprises, began to take note that the future of doing business was shifting away from print, what they knew for the past 20 years, to an online presence. Dominion Enterprises developed businesses focused on this shift, and Vehicle Web Services was one of these created, which consisted of RV, Marine, Powersports, Truck and Equipment. Out of Vehicle Web Services came Commercial Web Services, who emerged as the industry leader in this behavioral shift for the equipment, agriculture and truck industries.

As a start-up, we faced a tough challenge starting out in a down economy. However, we recognized that our customers were also facing tough times and needed a cost-efficient solution to help them grow their business. This need shaped our philosophy of dealer websites representing their brick and mortar location virtually, through an all encompassing website solution.

It went beyond just building a website, though. Our customers needed a solution to attract consumers to their website, through search engine optimization and online marketing tools. In addition to attracting consumers to the website, which we call recognition, we needed to ensure our dealers’ websites were so engaging that consumers would take the next step to interact with the business. By having a website that can be found easily and a website that is truly able to add value to the consumer by having robust information, opportunities to sell more was inevitable.

OEMs also had a problem. Their dealers were not representing their brands accurately on their websites which meant OEMs were losing opportunities to sell more and grow their brand presence through the dealers. Commercial Web Services brought this to their attention and offered a solution. This philosophy helped to solve the OEM’s problems, the dealership’s problems and the customer’s problems, and helped shape Commercial Web Services into the business we are today. This is when our relationships with OEMs really began to flourish and take shape, and today, we continue to support our dealers and the OEMs.

Despite being founded in a recession, we were still able to excel in our early years by providing our customers with a cost-effective way to market their business online. As our customers become more savvy and knowledgeable of their online presence, Commercial Web Services is changing with them to help grow their business to attract tomorrow’s consumer.

Our Vision 

Commercial Web Services is dedicated to revolutionizing the way commercial dealerships and manufacturers do business. 

Our Mission 

It is our mission to be the industry resource for products and services to help commercial dealers and manufacturers establish and grow their business to attract tomorrow’s consumer. 

We guide commercial dealers in growing their online identity by providing industry-leading products, support, and resources, designed with our customers’ needs in mind. Through our strategic OEM alliances and partnerships paired with our industry expertise, we aim to revolutionize how commercial dealers build their virtual dealership, attract website walk-in visitors, convert prospective buyers, and develop customer relationships.